Paris Lo Apologize Music Video 2009

This Music Video was so much fun to make, It’s my first Music video ever and i’m proud of it. It’s a one man show lol 😉 everything you see in this video was filmed and aranged by me. The main Vocals as well as background Vocals, the choreography, and all the editing was done by me. I’m happy with how it turned out, not perfect but I think that makes it even better. 😉 I hope you like it.

Paris Lo

6 thoughts on “Paris Lo Apologize Music Video 2009

  1. user MNgurl08 in youtube:

    Omg i checked out your web page and love it! especially, the music video up there. keep it up mr. LO!

  2. Peng u r fucking awesome I absoulutly loved ur video. ur singing gave me goosbumps and my baby danced around to it. U are so great I am glad that u went somewhere. and truly blessed that I knew u for a short but great time. Hope u never forget me. Ashley Siedschlag Good luck in the future and keep us the great work

    • Hey Thank you soo much for the kind words 😉 don’t worry i won’t forget you 😉 i still remember the good old days 😉 your baby is so cute 😉 best wishes to you and your beautiful family Ashley take care k 😉

      Peng AKA Paris Lo 😉

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