Paris Lo Hmong Dance las Vegas 2009

This Video is a Request I have never done a Hmong Dance Before until now 😉 It’s rare to see a Guy Do a Hmong Dance, so I hope you like it 😉

Paris Lo

11 thoughts on “Paris Lo Hmong Dance las Vegas 2009

  1. i thought it was very interesting how you combined so many different moves in there..but it was very kute at the same time..cause you have so much confidence..i like that..keep up the good work..

    • lol thank you for the comment, it’s a modern day hmong style dance, i added different styles yet still keeping the hmong in the dance, glad you like it, visit me anytime k;)

      Paris Lo 😉

  2. Love the dance…i thought it was soo cool and your movements are so smooth…i dont know what to say but just …WOW…keep it up..

  3. Hey, nice dance… It is rare to see a hmong guy dance but very creative and nice move… really enjoy watching it and love your voice.

  4. OMGAWDDDDD…..first off… i LOVE the song… it was such a beautiful choice, i seriously almost cried cuz of the song but watching ur dance kinda balanced out my tears and excitement lmao. ur dancing was so beautiful and graceful, i loved it. i do have a request now thou–will you please sing the song on this vid? ~Vim Muaj Koj by KLS

  5. Keep it up, its interesting that you can be so different in so many ways. All claps to you…
    Good luck to everything you do.

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