Paris Lo Sleep Walking Night Owl & Homeless People Las Vegas 2010

As an Artist it’s important for me to think out side the box.

Sleep Walking Night Owl

Homeless People in America

Paris Lo

2 thoughts on “Paris Lo Sleep Walking Night Owl & Homeless People Las Vegas 2010

  1. Dear ParisLo,
    Nashville again ! Good story : Today I was on my break and went to Dollar General, a local store with everything. I noticed a lady slowly approaching me. I was not alarmed. She asked me to buy her food stamps for cash. I advised that I didn’t have any money and could not assist, but would pray for her. I calmly turned and walked to another aisle looking for her. I knew that face ! She said “Scotty” and I said “Diane” ! She was so happy to see me. I was thrilled to see her. I knew her from many years ago, living on Paris Ave in Nashville with my soul mate Melanie. Diane began making excuses for her plight and I stopped her. I told her to be calm, and let’s go talk. After giving her a hand full of change, she handed me some tic tac mints. I told her to keep them, but asked what was so bad in her life ? She explained and said she was living at the Rescue Mission. I hugged her and told her soon she will be okay. ParisLo,I know I will see her again, probably tomorrow. Same time. Same channel. smile. We have to keep postiive in every step of our journey. I helped her so much just by a kind word and telling her it would be okay. How big a difference a smile can make. Smile. Simple.
    Thanks. Have a good evening. I am honored to know you. Scotty

    • great story thanks for sharing wow 😉 your a sweet person don’t ever change k 😉 come back anytime.

      Paris Lo

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