MY MIRACLE – Homing Pigeons in Las Vegas 2011

All the Pigeons that you see in this video are not your common everyday Pigeons. They are my Personal Pets, they are Homing Pigeons but even more special they are my friends they trust me.

Unlike Blue Jays or Parrots they have the ability to find there way back home from places they have never been or seen before and they can fly from distance as far as 1,000 miles sometimes even more. Some Pigeons have been recorded to fly for 22 hours without stopping. They are the perfect flying machine in my eyes, They truly are one of natures extraordinary creatures, yet some how people have overlooked them.

I have a Magical Bond with these Beautiful Birds it all started when I was a little Boy, My father had Pigeons when I was growing up and i’m hooked to say the least. I’m not sure how to explain the way they make me feel, but i’ll try? it’s the way they look at me that lets me know I exist, that I’m someone with identity. it’s a timeless feeling that keeps my heart light, I fly with them spiritually, my heart gets bigger when I see them paint the sky with different colors. They are somebody not something, they all have names and they all have the right to be here.

MIRACLE is special to me because I saved his life. yet he was the one that saved mine. He was way to small to compete with his older brother and sister for food, so his faith relies on me and I offered my best efforts to give him a fighting chance to survive. I’m proud to say that if it wasn’t for me he wouldn’t be here today. even though this may seem small to you and it may seem like it’s not a big deal? for me and my birds it is, because we have a connection that’s real, it doesn’t matter how you express it, at one moment in time we were all here, and whatever emotions we felt, it all gets released out into the universe. it’s a Timeless Bond that will live on forever after we are all gone.

True Pigeon Facts:

Pigeons Mate for life

Both Parents help raise there youngs

They are in the top 15 smartest animals in the world

They have advance the course of Science and Civilization

They saved thousands of lives during the past Wars.

The Dicken Medal was awarded to 54 animals 32 awards were given to Pigeons.

A Pedigreed Racing Homing Pigeon was sold for $216,000

Filmed & Edited By: Paris Lo

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