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Paris Lo Peng (Paris Lo)

Thank You for Visiting my Website it means so much to me. 😉

~ I’m a Renaissance man ~

Singer Dancer Acrobatics Artist Choreographer Model Actor Painter Designer Producer Director Guru Trendsetter Comedian Photographer


Background: Hmong-American

Language: Hmong & English

Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Height: 5’8’ Weight: 135lbs

Stage Performances/TV Film:

Illusions – Magic Assistant Acrobatic Dancer
HMF (Hmong Music Festival 2013) – Vocalist Acrobatic dancer
The Best Little WhoreHouse In Texas – Actor Vocalist Acrobatic Dancer
Fox5 News KVVUVegas Motor Speedway – Vocalist National Anthem
Fox5 News American Idol Season 11 – Interview
American Idol Season 11 – Vocalist Hollywood Group Round
Zen Magic – Acrobatic Dancer Ball Walker
Les Folies Bergere – Acrobatic Dancer
Remax – Acrobatic Dancer
Tru Talent – Vocalist Acrobatic Dancer Model
Best Agency – Vocalist Acrobatic Dancer Model
DDO Agency – Vocalist Acrobatic Dancer Model
Red Agency – Vocalist Acrobatic Dancer Model
Dream Hawk Production – Acrobatic Dancer
NBA All Star Game – Acrobatic Dancer
So U think U can Dance – Acrobatic Dancer
Americas Got Talent – Vocalist Acrobatic Dancer
Lost Vega*s Crew – Acrobatic Dancer
Naked Hearts 3rd Annual – Acrobatic Dancer Choreographer
Beau Arts Ball AIDS – Acrobatic Dancer Choreographer
Naked Hearts 1st Annual – Acrobatic Dancer Choreographer
Toddy Awards – Dancer
Golden Rainbow – Acrobatic Dancer
Platinum Entourage Inc. – Acrobatic Dancer
Krave Sindaze – Dancer
Doucette Entertainment – Acrobatic Dancer
Gimme the Mike Fox 5 – Vocalist
Zingers Inc. – Vocalist
Beacher’s Madhouse – Acrobatic Dancer Choreographer
Legends Alive – Acrobatic Dancer Choreographer
Street Smart – Field Crew Actor
Matchmaker – Actor
Madrigals Chorus – Vocalist
Del Norte Drill Team – Acrobatic Dancer Choreographer
Dance Production C – Acrobatic Dancer Choreographer
West Side Story – Acrobatic Dancer Choreographer Vocalist
Guys and Dolls – Acrobatic Dancer Choreographer Vocalist
Grease – Acrobatic Dancer Choreographer Vocalist


California Institute of the Arts: Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Hip hop.
Del Norte High School: Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Hip hop
Del Norte High School: Madrigals – Basic Vocal Training

Note: Even though I had some training a lot of my skills were self taught.

Special Skills:

Ball Walking, Power Tumbling, Gymnastics, Acrobatics, Full Twist, Choreographer, Break Dancing, Free Styling, Stunting, Cheerleading, Photography, Designer, Vocalist, Acting, Roller Blading, Artist, Drawing, Painting, Make Up Artist, Krumping, Film Editing, Pigeon Handler, flipping off walls and trees, First Aid and Other Basic Survival Skills.

How did you get started in the BIZ? I got started in the biz after recognizing that Performing is something I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

What inspired you to know you could do it? You might find this interesting, or even odd but the reason I started performing in the first place was because of Pigeons, My Father raised Homing Pigeons when I was younger, and watching them fly inspired me to chase my dreams. It was Magic watching them fly, they were effortless in the sky. The gracefulness the control inspired me. Another inspiration was My older sister. I would always watch her dance with her friends and I thought to myself hey I could do that too, then when I realize that I could sing that became something else that I fill in love with. That opened up many doors and I discovered that there’s so much more that I was interested in doing… that lead me to painting doing acrobatics and so much more, before I knew it… people were starting to take notice of the many talents that I collected over a short period of time now I’m known as a Renaissance man. 😉

Who’s your biggest fan? “Christina Aguilera” she is fearless with a soulful honest voice, she’s one of the most talented raw artist out there today. We share a life similar to one another, we both came from an abusive household, and performing was our only way to feel safe. I also really love Carrie Underwood, and Eminem they are so talented.

What obstacles did you over come that has made you the person you are today? I am the person I am today because of the negative obstacles that I had to endure as a child being abuse and being homeless for a short period of my life really opened up my eyes. It’s not because of the consistent love I felt around me that got me this far, but rather the pain that I felt emotionally and physically that gave me reason and drive to have passion and compassion in my heart to live and share what I love to do with the world which is entertaining people and touching peoples lives making a difference. Don’t get me wrong there have been people that have been very supportive of what I do, and to them I want to say Thank you. I could have given up when I had the chance but I didn’t. I held on to what was important to me and that’s to never let my spirit be broken. I will keep on pushing forward working towards my future accomplishments and goals. This is only the beginning because I still have so much more to live for and to accomplish in my life and I’m wholeheartedly ready to take that next step to over come anything standing in my way. Aside from being a Renaissance Man! I am different not by personal choice but rather by Experience and how things all fill into place in my life. I’m original, honest, Creative, perfectly un-perfect, brave, I am someone who takes risk, and on top of everything that makes me who I am today I have forgiven my parents for the abuse they have put me through in past. Now is the future and i’m taking it one day at a time to become a better person. A little about my background I’m ( Hmong ) Only A few people know and have heard about the Hmong people’s existence. I’m trying to show the world that I do exist after all lol, that I do have talent and that I belong here just as much as everyone else. I am young evolutional capable of growth and full of energy and life. I love nothing more then to be able to create my own world. Weather it’s something as simple as a painting on a canvas. Dancing freely in my bedroom, or singing to my dogs, it doesn’t matter. It only matters the fact that I’m doing it and loving every bit of it. My parents never had freedom of expression growing up. They moved from Laos to the U.S about 30 + years ago due to the Vietnam War they wanted to give my 7 brothers – 2 sisters and I (10 kids all together including me) an opportunity to be somebody someday. My parents never had the chance to do what they really wanted to do, because of the struggles and life style they had to face in order to survive from the war. I think the best thing that someone could ever give to someone else is an opportunity. And my parents gave me an opportunity to be here. Now I want the opportunity to show the world that I have what it takes and to make my parents proud, they live every minute and everyday curiously through the lives of there children hoping that one day they will have a life worth living for.

What will you do with $1 Million dollars? I would buy a house, not for me but for my parents. I would help out my family and those who have given me unconditional love and support. I would reach out to the many animal shelters that desperately needs attention around the world. I would educate people about a more compassionate way of eating. Donate money to schools. Educate the world about Hmong people and where we come from. Reach out to the millions of animals in Factory farms that desperately needs help. Make people think out side the box opening their minds to different things in life. Travel the world to share what I love to do. Write a book. Record songs that touch people’s lives. Be in many movies. Design my own compassionate clothing line that doesn’t involved fur or leather or murdering any living souls. Open my own Art and Dance studio. Inspire people to not be afraid to be who they are, because in a world where you can be anything? Just be yourself.

Paris Lo

208 thoughts on “About Me & Contact

  1. Paris, I knew you were an amazing person when I first met you, but each subsequent encounter proves it even more to me. When you first showed me your website, I couldn’t wait to get home to look through it. I love the artwork even more as I have had a chance to look more closely and told you of some artists I know that it seems to reflect their perspectives. I also was aware of some of your dance work in Las Vegas, such as at the Tropicana, but had no idea the extent of your work and am impressed with the lenghth of your resume. But all said and done, I am most impressed with your philosophy of life and the way you contect with those around you both human and animal. I also loved meeting your lovely cannine friends! woof, woof!

  2. dang you the first hmong fello that i see you on your own. you got parents? i mean not to be rude but you doing good. we hope to see you later on wid we hmong peoples and love all your performances. keep it up hottie! you got the style, you got the look, and you the first one and forreal… the first guy i see that improve. okay we’ll check you up later… bye.

    • Thank you for the commet your kind 😉 yes i have parents lol 😉 thanks for the support 😉

      Paris Lo in las vegas 😉

  3. Paris,

    Love the video and will pass along to contacts in LA. Can you get more model photos?
    (More Hollywood less Idol? Think James Dean.) You have so much more talent than your website shows… Keep up the hard work.lol


    • hey wow that was fast lol 😉 i’m gald you like it, your sooo sweet to me i love you 😉 i
      m gonna update everything soon 😉

      Love Paris Lo

  4. Hi Paris! You are awesome. I love all your videos. I hope I’ll get to meet you whenever I come down to vegas. You are very talented to have met some famous people and have been on tv shows keep up the great work.

  5. Hi Paris, I just skimmed through youtube and saw your video the one where you were dancing to Britney’s Circus, that was amazing! jaw dropping and I had to find out more about you! I’m also a dancer but just a newbie! haha great to know there are talented Hmong artist out there! you do seem like a very busy person but have you ever thought of coming down to Minnesota or performing for the Hmong New Years? Just wondering! well keep up the great work!

    • Hey you rock, thanks for the comment 😉 yeah i would like to get more exposer for what i love to do, i guess it’s hard when you first start out, because no one cares, unless you get big, and i’m just trying to get my feet in the door, but i think i’m goin in the right direction? i’ll keep pushin on and see where things go, i have a good head on my shoulders so i’m feeling good 😉 i guess i’m trying to show the world that that Hmong people have talent too 😉 thnaks again….

      Paris Lo

    • hey thank you for the sweet comment as of right now i’m not sure what’s going to happen in oct but if anything pops up i’ll be sure to let you know k 😉 have a wonderfual day 😉

      Paris Lo

  6. First of all, damn…. you can move your body better than a girl.
    I reading through some of your comments and someone commented
    on you dancing to Britney spears circus and… i wanted to check it
    out for myself…

    wow… i am sooooo fucken amazed. you are soooo good.
    You are so good. you can move your body like so quick and
    flexible, it makes me wanna just hug you and tell you that
    youre doing a wonderful job.

    it’s a blessing to have hmong guys like who aren’t afraid to show who
    they really are. and aren’t ashamed of it.

    love, k. Chang

    • lol thank you for the comment you made me smile 😉 yeah i don’t care what people think, i just do what i love to do 😉 thanks for the support stay tune theres more to come ;0

      Paris Lo

  7. Hello! I like what I see so far. Like one of the person mention, you’ll find an agent who’ll help you along the way to succeed your goals! I’m very proud and astonishing of your achievements! You got my big ‘Hoorays’! LoL. 🙂

  8. Hello,

    Discovered you on Youtube. You are truly amazing and truly talented. One of the many first that has gone beyond the small community… and I can proudly say, you are truly amazing!


    • hey Charity thank you soo much, your sweet 😉 i appreciate you taking the time to visit my website 😉 stay tune there’s more good stuff on the way lol 😉

      Paris Lo

    • thank you 😉 i hope so too, it’s a dream of mine and i can’t wait for the day it comes true, i feel with each day that i do what i love to do, i’m one step closer to it 😉 thanks for the kind words 😉

      Paris Lo

  9. Hey Paris,
    I’m glad that I finally came upon your website. I’m so happy to see all the great things you’ve done with yourself and the many great things that will come your way. I’m so proud of you!! For living life to the fullest…and not allowing anyone or anything stop you. I wish you only the very best. Love you and will look you up whenever we come to Las Vegas.


    • hey hey thank you soo much for the kind comments 😉 yeah i’m really trying to push for my dreams, it’s hard but i’m trying and i’m growing from it 😉 hope everything is going well with you, i’m happy you wrote to me on here keep in touch k take care 😉

      Paris Lo

  10. Nyob Zoo (Hi),

    I saw a thread about you on a Hmong page. I think you’re so cool! You are so awesome and talented and breaking the out into the real world. Not many has the courage to be themselves, love themselves and do what makes them happy! I’ll continue to follow your career! Just wanna show my support! -Iris!

    • wow thank you soooo much your very kind, and thank you for the support 😉 i feel i have something different to share with the world that’s why i’m doing what i do. 😉 i do it because i feel it inside my heart and i just need to let it out. 😉 thanks again you rock 😉

      Paris Lo

  11. Hey Paris,
    I find you quite amazing and is proud of you to strive for your dreams. I understand how hard it is to be Hmong and is inspired by your dedication and commitment to your dreams. I hope you make it big, and make us proud. I saw some of your dance performances and it’s quite impressive. Good luck

    • hey chong 😉 we are both Hmong Lo rock on 😉 thank you for the support 😉 i need as much support as i can get because like you said it is really hard, i want to show the world that Hmong people have talent too 😉 take care

      Paris Lo

  12. Wow, you’re amazing and very talented indeed! It’s great to see another Hmong person working so hard to get what they want in life (rather than cheating the system) & it’s even better to know he’s also a Lo. 🙂

    Being a Doctor or a Lawyer will pay the bills but like love, it can’t buy the excitement or the indescribable joy that comes with enjoying every second of what you do!! Never ever let anything get you down because you ROCK & most importantly don’t forget where you come from or who you really are.

    Keep up the great work!!

    • oh thank you so much, your very kind 😉 yes it’s about what you do to be happy, not money…. because you can have all the money in the world, but be sad… right now i’m poor, but the fact that i’m doing what i love, my life is more rich then most people 😉 but i have family and friends that i would like to help out with money so in a way it does help, but it’s not everything, being happy and healthy is more important 😉 again thank you, for the comment 😉

      Paris Lo

    • aww thank you so much 😉 i believe that it should be honest or else it’s not as special 😉 thanks for the support have a great day 😉

      Paris Lo

  13. Well, Hello, Paris Lo.

    Wow…u are an amazing dancer. I wish I can dance and move like you. Keep up the good work and don’t forget about us… : )

    Find me at myspace. : )

    • thank you for the support, i’m just following my dreams 😉 when i make it big don’t worry i won’t forget about you guys k 😉 take care 😉

      Paris Lo

  14. Hey Paris.

    My name is Isabelle, its IzabelleLee on Youtube. I’m from Montreal. I ‘ve watched your videos for the first time yesturday. OMG!! You’re a very talented person!! I’m a singer myself and i really really like the way you sing. Hope to see you one day to sing a duet with you if you want to. I’m happy to see that you are so natural. A true multi-talented artist, thats what you are!!

    Your new fan who believes in you.


    • hey Isabelle 😉

      WOW 😉 you made my day thank you so so much, your very thoughtful and sweet, i need more people like you in my life lol it’s true 😉 thank you for your honesty and sincere words 😉 they mean alot to me, they really do….. i’m just doing what i love to do, that’s the cool part, and if i’m able to effect someones life by that then i know i’ll never be lonely 😉 and people like you keep me going thank you. 😉

      Paris Lo

      • You’re welcome. I’ve said what i think about you, thats all. I’m happy that people like me keep you going cause thats what we want you to do.

        I can’t wait to see your next videos!!!

        Your the best for me cause you are true

        Isabelle xx

  15. Hey, its me again. Just wanna tell you that i hope that you understand me well, cause i speak french usually.


    • lol yes i do understand you well, no need to explain 😉 anyway thanks again you rock 😉 have a great day k 😉

      Paris Lo

  16. Hey, dayum you can move your body just like my brother ahaha. lol
    well keep up the good work. lol…
    and um love the circus dance thingy lol
    it’s cool.. well i think its cool……
    so how do you like it down in cali?

    • thanks man lol 😉 nice meeting you too 😉 i had fun maybe i’ll see you again soon? 😉 you go to the gym alot?

      Paris Lo

  17. You are very different and unique. Keep up the good work, hoping to see you live on television or should I say “Hollywood”. Anyway, you seem so stress free, what do you do for living?

    • hey thank you so much 😉 yeah i hope someday i’ll be able to show the world what i do 😉 but till then it’s just an everyday climb to get there, right now i’m just net working and trying to promote myself, i use to be in a show here in vegas Folies bergere but it closed in march of this year ;( trying to get into another show better yet get a record deal 😉 anyway thanks for stopping by and showing me suppport i need all the support i can get now lol 😉 but visit me anytime k 😉 take care.

      P.s i do get stress out sometimes only because i want to make my dreams a reality so bad. 😉

      remember to always follow your dreams

      Paris Lo

  18. Hey Paris,
    Wow, you are oh so VERY talented! Very. I am very impressed by your dance skills, singing etc. And your style is fabulous! On your youtube channel it says that you’re from Crescent City! My cousin in law is actually from there as well! I asked her about you, and she said she went to school with you. Such a small world it is! Hope you achieve all your dreams and goals that you have set! Best of wishes.

  19. It never hurts to show the world what you are doing…. I know that one day your patiences and love for what you do will come and the world will know who you are…. well just dropping by to give my support and may nothing hold you back from you dreams always… stay sweet and enjoy the journey as you make yourself known…. 🙂
    sandy cha

    • wow thank you so much sweet heart, your words moved me, thank you for the support, it helps me keep pushing foward knowing that theres’s people like you out there. have a great day…. and visit me anytime k 😉

      remember to always follow your dreams.

      Paris Lo

  20. Peng,
    I am fascinated and truly inspired by your love, generosity and power. Your love for humans and animals can not be described. You not only helped but opened a whole new window of life for both humans and animals. Your heart is as pure and flawless as your way of knowing life Your power is what caught my attention. It’s not what you do in life, but your purpose here as a being. You hold the Power to change many lives, and that is what I call, Paris Lo.

    Thank you for sharing your magic with us!

    Please do come out to Sacramento or Fresno New Year. If so, I’ll be sure to mark this event as one of my greatest chapters in life!*

    C. Yang

    • omg thank you so much, i can not describe how your words have made me feel thank you so much 🙂 it means the world to me, i’m trying to reach my dream, yet helping and touching people and animals lives along the way…. my goal is to share with the world of what i love to do. if i can make just one person or animal feel good then i will be happy 😉 thanks for the support and about the hmong new years coming up, i would love to perform in it 😉

      remember to always follow your dreams. 😉

      Paris Lo

  21. omg…!!! i love u so much..ur da best..keep up da good work…damn ur a good dancer n u should teach me some dance move..ahaahah..anwaise u rock..!!!! keep up da good work..

  22. I just happened to stumble upon your videos and your site last night, and I think you are awesome. I love how you are so confident and unique from most hmong guys. I also love that you still keep a strong bond with your hmong-ness. hahaha. I thought you’re hmong dance was cute and silly. I definitely give you made props on your Hmong because I can’t say my Hmong is what I would like it to be. You are very blessed with your talent and motivation. Although I do have to say that I like you with short hair more than long bangs. I also really like the Mohawk/fohawk do you had in one of your videos. Sorry, I’m a hairstylist, so that’s one thing i pay attention. Anyways, keep up the great work. Maybe one day I’ll see you perform in Vegas when I’m on vacation there. 🙂
    Nina Yang

    • ha ha thanks for the comment that means alot to me 😉 i’m just doing what i love to do, hopefully i’ll reach my dream someday, it’s all i know and love it’s my life. that’s very cool that you are a hair stylist rock on, if you were closer i would have you do my hair lol 😉 visit me anytime k 😉

      Paris Lo

  23. Hi paris!

    I love the work that you do. You really are a true inspiration to me! And I know you inspire many other people too! you are true and talented and just so good about everything that you do. I hope u make it big and best wishes to you!

  24. Hi Paris. Im such a big fan of yours. You are amazing! I love watching all your videos, and you really keep me comin back for more updates. I love the variety of videos you’ve got, I love the talents you have, as well as how real you are. I LOVE IT ALL! i really wanna meet you some day. Good luck with all your goals. From all the background experiences you have, im quite sure you’ll get far. -Mykia Lor, 19, WI, graphics major

    • hey thank you so much for visiting me on here, your sweet 😉 it’s people like you who keep me doing what I love to do, it pushes me to be better and share what I love to do with you…. so thank you it means the world to me. thanks for all the support and make sure you stay tunek take care, remember to always follow your dreams.

      Paris Lo

    • hey thanks for the comment, yeah maybe someday we will meet? 😉 i’m not performing at the moment but soon, stay tune for updates ok take care and remember to always follow your dreams.

      Paris Lo

  25. Hi Paris! Love your video. Keep up the good work. Love the way you sing. I hope to see you one day if i do come to Las Vegas…


    • wow thank you soooooooo much, thanks for the support, stay tune for more videos k take care and happy new year. 😉

      Paris Lo in las vegas

  27. Brother, I am so so proud of you for all your success through your own effort. America is a land that is full of opportunities. If you work hard, never give up, always try your best, you will be whatever you dream to be. Sorry for my broken English wish you best in the upcoming year. Xin Nian Kuai Le; Nyob zoo xyoo tshiab.

  28. Paris, we are so proud of you. Just know that your family loves you dearly and you are exactly where you should be. Great things come to those that wait, and you dear, will get there some day. I have faith in you. I know you will go far. It is great to know that you can express yourself in the way that you do, knowing that you will be getting harsh comments and feedback. But you know what, it doesn’t matter because as you say, we only live once and you have to be true to yourself. If they were such haters, why are they looking huh? Follow your dreams and accomplish what you set out to do. Keep up the great work and continue to keep us entertained. Love to see you again some time soon! Take great care of yourself. Your auntie— :o)

    • hey thank you soo much, hope everything is ok with you and your family, thanks for the support, happy new year and best wishes to you take care.

      Paris Lo

  29. Paris,
    Just wanted to let you know YOU ROCK! Love your personality and who you are. You definitely are a bright shining star with brilliant colorful rays of light. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise! Keep on keepin’ on. You’ll reach your dreams.
    Happy New Year! Wish you the best!!!
    Your newest fan!!!
    -Bo Xiong 🙂

  30. I saw a video of your pigeons on youtube, and it was really wonderful to see that I’m not the only one who appreciates these amazing, sweet, intelligent birds. I myself rescued my first pigeon, a baby female I called Grace, and I’ve never been so close to a bird before. I used to think they were stupid, dirty creatures, as did my father, my mother, my sister…but she charmed every single one of us, and we loved her so much. She was really our pet, but after a while, she flew off to find her own way, because my father messed around with where her box was. :p

    I’ll never forget her, and she was my first rescue bird to take home and care for myself, once I was officially a carer (in Australia, animal carers are volunteers who take in and rehabilitate the wildlife. I’m technically not old enough, at 17, but I trained with the local expert who helped me get an official status.) As someone who also owns three cockatiels, pigeons are eons ahead of them in brainpower. Just because a bird cannot mimic, doesn’t mean they aren’t smart…


    I apologise for the wordy blurb, and just wanted to say how much I admire you for it, and now I can admire your art, too!

    • hey thank you so much your very sweet and kind, we need more people like you in this world i really mean that, have a great new year k come back anytime 😉

      Paris Lo

  31. You are so gorgeous!!! Keep up the great work there!! Have you performed before for the Hmong community? You are not only talent and very informational. Keep us posted.

    Very impressed.


  32. Hey! kuv yog hmoob tias. Kuv zoo siab hais thiab peb cov hmoob tseem muaj it tug tub hu nkauj zoo kawg. I’m very impressed by your talent. keep it up!! Very good work.

    • thanks for the comment i can read hmong a little bit but there’s some words i don’t understand lol, anyway thanks for the kind words it means alot to me come back anytime k 😉

      Paris Lo

  33. Wow! your living my dream, I think it ‘s pretty cool to see a hmong person out there doing something other than the norm. Your very artistic, creative and SUCH AN AWESOME DANCER.. I wanted to pursue my dancing career, but culture stopped me my parents are very traditional and if I were to ever do what you do OMG they would kill me… but I’m glad to see you living your dream. take care and keep it up..
    Judy Yang

  34. ur soo frickn talented!! i discovered u on youtube, i added as a friend on there, “topnotchbitch414” is the name!! LOL!! live ur dreams to the fullest brother!!!

    • hey thank you, your funny….. i’m interested in anyone who is not afraid to be who they are 😉 come back anytime.

      Paris Lo

  35. Hey paris! Wow, your videos are AMAZING! They are REALLY HILARIOUS. Lol.
    And damn, I love your dance videos and the way you danced to circus (by britney
    spears). You need to teach those celebrities how to dance!!! Including me! Hahaha,
    well good day. (:

    • lol thanks your kind 😉 maybe one day i will have my own show and i can choreograph my own dance numbers that would be hot 😉

      Paris Lo

  36. Hi Paris:
    My husband and I have been visiting your youtube page and website for quite some time now and every time I watch your videso I am still at “awh” on how wonderful and amazing you are. I love and respect the fact that are you are still true to who you are, “HMONG”. I have seen people who try to pretend to be someone else in order to get high up there and once they do they forget who they are and where they came from. Keep your head held high and I know for sure that you will achieve what you have always been dreaming of. Hopefully one day we will get the chance to meet until then keep up the good work!!!!!

    Much love,

    • wow thank you sooo much that means soo much to me 😉 i feel strongly in my heart that if i stay true to myself and if i keep doing what i love to do, i will be in good hands 😉 thanks for all the support and love the world needs more people like you. have a great day 😉

      Paris Lo

  37. Hey my hubby an some friends are going to Vegas the end of mach !! I was wondering if you could suggest some must see place !! We have never been!! I don’t know if you remember me but we went to high school together !! more than likely you knew my sister better Danielle France!! Hope to hear from you !!
    Take care !!

  38. hey wassup paris? i do music as well just tought maybe we can work together on some tracks, i do rap and r n b, i also produce. your style of slow jams are almost similar to mine i was working with some local artist here in vegas but their not serious enough to go all the way, i own my own inhouse studio and built my own booth, if interested E-mail me. thanks kiit l.

  39. Hi Paris,

    Wow, you are such an awesome person! I can’t believe you’re so good at…EVERYTHING!!! You make me super proud to be Hmong! By the way, your art is amazing. I love it and hope to be as great as you are one day! Keep it up, ’cause we will definitely see more of you in the future.


  40. Hey Paris, I just wanted to let you know that I’d come by and support
    your website here, wishing you the best of the bestest luck in life.

    May everything you do, become your very own heaven.

    With love,
    Yangsha from yOUtuBe

  41. yo hiya!!!!!! paris you are so fearless….lol…..very talented and bold…. not many hmong people like you out there but i like how you’re so open minded to things in life. so how was your audition? hope it went well for you…..take kare now.

    much respect,

    bao vue =)

  42. Sigh- Well, sigh- what can I say? I am really speechless. You are a great person! You totally inspire me! You have all my blessing and all my support to achieve your goal. I have a really high hope for you and good-luck!

    -Shoua Moua =)

  43. By the way, Are you single? I am Hmong. What type of girls are you into? Have you ever thought about getting married one day and settle down and have kids? What nationalities are you into? Thank you. I like you aloot and I think you are really really HANDSOME! No lie, you are =)

    • lol thanks for the handsome comment 😉 i’m not thinking about getting married anytime soon still focus on my career 😉 lets just say that i’m into anyone who is not afraid to be who they are.

      Paris Lo

      • Paris, you are really good looking but I feel that you have an attraction towards males and prefer their companionship. So how can a girl like me ever catch your eyes? Don’t be afraid to be who you are…but sometimes it’s better to be what is right than to chose what is wrong. You are so good looking….wish you were straight!

  44. Hey Paris!

    I think you’re amazing. I saw some of your dancing videos on youtube and I think you’re such a wonderful dancer. My most favortive dance tthe Hmong dance. I just loved the whole video so much I favortived it! It was very beautiful and I think you should do more Hmong dancing.

    You keep doing what you do because you’re in control of your life.

    Keep up with your dreams and I know you will go far.

    Take care and best luck!

    Kuv zoo siab peb yog Hmoob!

  45. You are really something. I’m impressed by you. Truly amazing. Love you being YOU. Love your song and music video. U in Vegas? Would LOVE to meet you. I’m coming there this month. Email me and let me know. Would be awesome to meet you in person.

    *YOUR FAN**

      • u r very talented n cute n u should show others that u still have the pride to continue on forward cuz on the way u describe urself it seems to me that u have a lot of confidence and the rite attitude to do what ur doing as of rite now n i’ll support u all the way, not that nuch of young ones care about hmong culture anymore and we need ppl like u to help prevent and obtain our culture’s name later in future….hope to c more of ur doiongs so keep the updates hope 2 c u n new year n cali…love u 😉

      • thank you so very much your so kind come back anytime k have a great day 😉

        Paris Lo

  46. Happy Birthday beautiful soul. I know GOD is very proud of the work he started and you continue to work on daily becoming a better person. Your such a bright and shinny star and the world is a much better and kinder place for having you here on planet Earth.

  47. Hey!!
    Just wanted to say hi.
    You’re one talented Hmong person I’ve ever seen. Love you’re voice, your dance, well okay love everything about you.
    I’m proud that you, as a Hmong person, is willing to go out there and do something great with your life. That’s not something we see around here anymore, well at least where I from. One thing that makes me really proud of you is that you haven’t forgotten who you really are inside. Many who became famous or achieve something great in their life, kinda leaves who they really are behind. But you don’t. You still stay close to your Hmong heritage, at least that’s what it seem =)
    Anyways I really envy you for doing what you love. I wish I can be just like you, but there are a lot of things holding me back. We all know being a Hmong girl is tough when you have some many limits. Same with the guys too.
    Keep on doing what you’re doing because you do a fine job at it.
    btw.. I’m a fan already teehehe XD

    • Thank you soooo much that means alot 😉 just know that in a world where you can be anything, just be yourself. 😉

      Paris Lo

  48. Yeah you commented on my old videos a few times. I never really checked you
    out til now, You’re such an awesome artist. I saw your shoutout video to the
    haters, one thing I’ll advice you on,

    Being selfish in the right way is not a crime.

    I love how you’re showing it.
    Thanks for being yourself out there and showing the rest of us how one
    can really make it far with passion.

  49. You’re amazing. I love all of your shows, dance and singing. I saw what you did and saved two birds I am thank you for saving lives. I think that if I could save any life it seems I save my live too. There is a Hmong story of a man saving life for animal. One day in the future they would save him too.. I think you now doing good job what you want to do. Remember that you are a Hmong American. I am supported your dream. I know you’re a busy guy. However, keep track your best.

    Who sponsor for your business or yourself?

    Bee Lee
    Saint Paul, MN

  50. Hey Paris! All I have to say is VERY I M P R E S S I V E and T A L E N T E D!! I hope to have an opportunity to meet you ONE day in Vegas! You R O CK! Keep up the good work. ~JV

  51. Proud of you 🙂 Happy I came across your page on youtube leading me to here. Wise hing you the very best, Shata.

  52. WOW!!!! i didn’t know that i have such a inspirational and talented uncle like you. you make me so proud. i didn’t even recognize you until i saw your family clip on youtube. you probably don’t remember me cause when i was still in crescent city, you were still very young. YOU GO, uncle. keep up the wonderful work. there’s no words to describe your talents. you’re just so indescrible. love ya. how’s aunty Ge? where is she now? what’s she doing now? and the rest of your family? are they still in crescent city? i miss crescent city dearly. i want to go back someday.

  53. Hi Paris,,Joe here,I meet you on Adam and I wanted to touch base with you on your great Zen Magic Show and then i saw the fall of your coperformers on the news,my heart goes out to them and I hope there doing well,I see they were able to go back to performing today.I hope your well and doing a fantastic show at Zen,I hope to see the show soon,I left you a message in your adam email…..take care Paris….

  54. Hello Paris,

    My name is Ana. My fiance and I are professional songwriters here in Las Vegas, signed to a production company based out of L.A. called Mach 1 Music, under the direction of Eddie Galan (be sure to google him when you get a chance!)

    I just wanted to reach out to see if maybe our worlds can cross! We should be headed out of town soon to work on a few projects but perhaps we can set up a meeting sometime early in the coming week? Monday or Tuesday if you have the time?
    The best way to contact me is by email.


    Thanks for your time and have a blessed day!

  55. Hello Paris,

    Your talent and drive is most impressive! I’m confident you can reach your personal goal and I’m certain you will make a significant impact in educating the world about the long, noble and brave history of the Hmong people. As a life long resident of Wisconsin, which has one of the large’s Hmong populations in the USA, I’m am personally honored to have many dear friends of Hmong heritage.

    Wishing you the greatest happiness and success for the future.


  56. OMGGGGG, I saw your videos of you singing. You have a nice voice! && you can sing. Haha, but yeaaaah I support you all the way! It’s cooooollllll, you have talent boy! (:

  57. Hi,

    My name is Xeng Lor. I’m sure we are related somehow. Haha. Today I got a phone call from a friend talking about you. He asked if we’re related, so I checked out your videos and etc that you had done.

    You are very talented with full of life and engery chasing after dreams and goals in your life. I believe that someday you will get there.

    Have ever taken acting classes before?

    I’m attended “Academy of Art University” in San Fran, majoring in film. I working a script that I want to turn into a movie with Hmong and American mix together. When I am ready to shoot the movie. I would for you to audtion.

    I will post up a trailer of my featured film called, “Falling Rain” when I get done with it in a few days.

    Email me if you like to know more about the project that I will be casting for when ready.


  58. Paris,

    All I can say is Wow. You are very talented. I am so glad to see someone that is hmong doing what you are doing. You should become a motivtional speaker for many young hmongs. I know there are alot of talent young hmong people out there that don’t have the support from their parents because of our traditions. I know many young people and their parents would benefit from hearing about your success. Keep doing what your doing. God bless you.


  59. hey, brother u good seeing u stuff is what i 1 2 have n me. life zoo li ib ntsais xwb puas yog? anyway someday like 2 work out with some1 like u….. u no some people that right of course for sure…..so in addition what is the purpose of life? if we met talk more question about life on earth for sure….. me bro. Teng C.

  60. forgot 2 say, i think i got little something a little close 2 u maybe i guess u no……but any way i like u stuff huh heal yep…… man happy 2 C some1 like u someway somehow N youtube, but i just thinnk better to something than none…………. that u no example: dont wait 4 the time grab the time use it widzzzly should be something but none result none hey,feel free cal me anytime talk as kuv tij Hmong ib zaug hauv ntiaj teb thaum muaj sia ib Zaug ok………………. sorry i’m no computer writer person so don’t mind u no every living things in this world act N do N turn out to be different right@——-(612)437-3496 look forward to no communicate nrog tej yam tseem2……

  61. Wahh. Thats soo cool of you. I love dancing and rapping TOO !
    i envy you for your greatness dancing. I wish you were my teacher ><
    Maybe you can^0^

  62. Dear Paris Lo,

    I have been feeling down these days. But while doing reseach on Hmong culture I came across your videos. What an inpiration!!!!!!!

    You are what I want to be,always alive, always inspring , full of confidence and positive attitude. Then your face. It has a wonderful look of kindness and compassion, very handsome too.

    I love Laos. One of my favorite countries to visit because of the beautiful peolple there.

    Last October, I went to Laos to help a village get funding to build a bridge. The bridge is now built.

    I collect and sell Hmong traditional clothing in my new gallery whichn I started this August. It’s called Prana – Fine Art, Textiles and Healthy Lifestyle. My gallery serves gourmet fusion vegetarian food too.

    When I read that you are vegetarian I could not help but feel certain energy waves connecting us. I have not thrown my old leather shoes though.

    I studied dance, ballet, modern and jazz in Singapore, Detroit and New York so I also connect with your beautiful and natural body rthyms . They are wonderful and exciting, animalistic, elegant and savage at the same time and otherworldly – far from mundane. in othewords enlightened. You must have been a Hmong shaman in your previous life.

    I am an American born Chinese living in Taipei ,Taiwan for the last 23 years. Just closed down my Yoga school to start an art gallery specializing in minority textiles and crystals. I do regular fashion shows with life music and also dancing.

    Maybe someday we will meet but I just want to say thanks. You have made me see through my recent problems. I now have the energy and inspiration to go on.

    Let’s together make this a better world. Hope to meet you one day.

    Love , John

  63. Dear Paris,

    I msent you a comment earlier but it must have gotten lost as i do not see it on your comments list.

    I will try again and see fi it works,


  64. Hi
    I am the event planner at my school at University of Wisconsin Green Bay
    and were looking for multicultural performer for the year 2011-2012
    i was wondering how much it would cost to fly you out here???

  65. Hi Paris Lo
    I’m so happy first when I watches your video on youtube and you so famous. First I didn’t believe that you are Hmong but after I read your info and found out that you are one of our hmong guy I am happy with you all what you have done and going to the right way. well, I am a Hmong Actor,Director, Editor and writer too. I wonder one these day we’ll get to meet some where and shake hand. Keep up the good work and come back see our Hmong villages.

    Tpheng Lee

  66. PARIS LO!!!! you are one of the most amazing, beautiful human beings I know. i am in awe of your big brave heart and your weaving together of your life story… your expression is raw and real and poetic. i love you always and am sooooo proud of you!!! xoxrima

  67. PARIS LO!!!! you are one of the most amazing, beautiful human beings I know. i am in awe of your big brave heart and your weaving together of your life story… your expression is raw and real and poetic. i love you always and am sooooo proud of you!!! xoxrima

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, it means the world to me, i wish we could hang out one day again, it means a lot to me that we only knew each other for a short period of time, yet here we are still talking i love you muah. 😉

      Paris Lo

  68. Hey Paris,

    I’ve been checking out your videos on youtube lately and your webpage just has so much more information, than I expected! Love how you’re so true to yourself. I am the CEO of PRESTIGE Agency. We’re a modeling firm in Atlanta, GA. I’d like to speak with you about possible opportunities to teach our Runway Models how to strut their stuff on the runway! I think you’re an amazing person! Contact me via email and I’ll send you my telephone number.

    With Love from across the miles,
    Maysee Moua
    PRESTIGE Modeling, LLC

  69. Pingback: Paris Lo 2010 Review « Paris Lo's Blog and information page for ParisLo.com

  70. Dear Paris,
    I went to Del Norte High with you when you were Peng Lo. I always remember you having unbelievable talents when you were a teenager, and you have grown so much. I could not be happier for you. You have come so far and you are AMAZING!!!! Keep dancing and singing!!!! I love your website.
    Love, Phoebe Olson
    P.S. I love how you want to help all the animals with that million dollars!

  71. wow, i am amazed that you are hmong. i mean, it’s not that im saying your something else. it’s just that very few hmong people follow their dreams. you inspire me to live my dreams. thank you so much 🙂

  72. Hey! i came across your model walk video and honestly thought, “who is this guy?” Then i was like, “This guy can work it!” i didnt believe you are hmong. this fact blew my mine! as a hmong and a man passionate about dancing myself, i wish i could be doing what you are, but then again u have an amazing level of dance and technique and well almost anything! I just become more and more impress as i watched your videos. then i became jealous and was thinking i secretly hate you! hahaha just teasing. But its great to know that u, hmong and a man mad it further then any others i know. i offically have become inspire and u have become my first hmong icon! hahaha.

    i am danny Moua. I dance, prefer modern and any style that doesnt require high extensions and aggressive ballet. I am a good mover and follower, love improve.

    Thanks for being somebody!

    • wow thank you so much for the kind words and support it really means a lot to me thank you so much!!!! in a world where you can be anything? just be yourself. 😉

      Paris Lo

  73. You are an amazing person this is the most touching I have ever read.. We all got our story and dream,the path and choices we make is what will lead us in life and I couldnt agree more with you on chasing after your dream because I myslef is determine as well, You are just another inspiration that will help me through..lifting off the heavys rocks off my back that I am not alone in this…dreaming and striving to make something out of my life while Im still breathing I am hoping to meet you someday..Thank you so much for sharing your story..it help get me going and it help me stand back up when I feel like everything I do doesnt seem to be going anywhere.or progressing please check out my website as well http://www.pinkdollyzboutique.com. its coming soon in september of 2011 and I would love to have you model for my Bra collection!! and have you feature on my site.. I am hmong as well and wanted nothing more then hmong people to be involve in what I am doing..But being hmong we all know how critizing one can get of another..The support can be less then we expected..but its all about taking risk. I totally feel you..U are doing perfectly great and I couldnt but say how proud I am of you even though we dont know eachother…I just felt like we have one thing in common and its dreaming with determination of not being afriad to try and knowing that we might not get anything in return…thank you forsharing and most of all inspiring me to keep going when all hope is lost.
    -See Thao

    • all i can say is WOW!!!! thank you so much for looking through my website, your so sweet, thanks for the support! 😉 best wishes on everything that you do. 😉

      Paris Lo

  74. wow your life story is very strong and meaningful. im impress. its really true that you start in a sad life to know more about respect and life style. i have been a fan of your for a long time. 🙂 I hope you get what you really want. im so lost of what i want. 🙂 You sure improve more, more and im inpress! 😀 i sure wish you luck.

  75. Wow, what an impressive resume and such talent. How are we to put up with you? Your like a genius. I just wanted to say, “from what I read and hear, you are an inspiration to others.” You have so much to offer and I know you must be chasing a dream a goal that you have not fulfilled … but I feel that you are ALREADY THERE. Your records speaks for itself. If ever you come to Guam, I would love to meet up with you. Maybe you can be my creative director/choreographer for my pageants. Til then, take care and keep up the great work.

  76. your website is amazing, and your a really good singer/ dancer/ artist/ everything else you do. I think you will get a record deal soon, and until then, keep making those videos!

  77. hi, paris.
    i just love everything about how youre gettin to your dreams n achievements. i really love it because i also have a big dream too. i love dancin, singin, n fashion alot. in my life, i also think of helpin da hmong youngster to know our religion more. if u dont mind can i b friend with u in facebook because i feel it will be very helpful for me to have advice from u about dreams, life, n the hmong.

    my name in fb: JueMei VL

    (i try to add u but i can only subscribed (yes i feel very dumb))

  78. Paris I got on your web site because I saw a comment on my nephew “Rees Lockyer”s facebook page saying you were going to Hollywood and I was curious. I haven’t watched American Idol for several years but I will be watching this season. Good luck Darla Hurst

  79. You’re so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and you have such a goooood body to look at! I can’t get over that…. Great resume and outlook on life! I’m looking forward to seeing you on American Idol! 😉

  80. I love you voice and especially your talents. You probably dont sing at weddings, but can I be the first to ask you to sing at my wedding?

  81. I married a DNHS basketball player you used to cheer for. He said you were/are amazing! Keep up the awesomeness. We are rooting for you!

  82. Hey Paris, I go to vegas a couple times a year, and this time just happened to see Illusions last thursday and Best Little Whorehouse on friday. I was so confused at first.. I thought “Wait, Isnt that the guy from Illusions ?! but how can he be in both shows?” .. the showtimes almost completely overlap every night. Haha.. I guess they have to fight for you. Great job in both!

  83. Hi Paris – it’s an honor to find you online today. I was looking for videos to sooth my soul from missing my baby pigeon I raised to a beautiful young – independent adult. She was a best friend! She flew away just shy of 1 more day being 3 weeks exactly – to venture off – and start her own family. I was very attached – my heart does still break – but I know she is happy, healthy & free and will always carry my love with her. I’m so glad that I found your video about Nashvill & Heyvin – and to find a person in this world with such heart – such kindness, and love for animals and so talented too! . You are a wonderful human being! My heart smiles today – finding you!

    • thank you so much it means a lot to me, i apologize it took me this long to reply back, i’m still trying to figure this word press out lol. hope your having a great day. 😉

  84. Hi Parislo, I am a male of 26yrs old. I watched one of your videos on how to walk like a man. I have ben told in the past that I walk like a lady and I find it embarassing. Please could you provide any useful tips on how to walk like a man. pls I want to train cos I think a good walk brings confidence. I live in England and would appreciate if you have any place where I can visit in England to train,. But Im mainly looking for advice from you on how to walk like a straight man(pls I dont not mean model man, but I man how to walk like a normal man)

  85. Paris…I knew you as Peng in DNHS. I never thought such a great person with such talent could ever come from Crescent City but here you are. So proud of the person you are and thank you for reminding me that great things can come to those who try their hardest. Keep up all of your great efforts!


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