My Acrobatics

Paris Lo My Gravity

Paris Lo Dying to Live

Paris Lo Believe In Me

Paris Lo does Corkscrew & other Amazing Acrobatics πŸ˜‰

Paris Lo GONE Music Video Cover of Nsync

Paris Lo Fearless

Paris Lo Doing Acrobatics in The World Famous Folies Bergere Can Can

Paris Lo Doing A Full Twist

Paris Lo Doing A Double Front

Paris Lo Doing A Standing Lay Out Step Out

Paris Lo Doing a Trippy Flip πŸ˜‰

Paris Lo Flips off Wall

7 thoughts on “My Acrobatics

  1. lol WOW!!! THose are AMAZING… it’s so kl how you can do all dat and DANNNGG those are HIGGHHHH jumps!!! there was one in da “corkscrew and other” where you jumped so high, i almost couldn’t believe it!

  2. PARIS!!! This is Master Bayden. πŸ™‚ I can’t even begin to express how effffffing talented you are. God certainly blessed you! I want to dance on stage with you!!! Duet k? Much of my heart goes out for you! I promise I will see you again.

    Bayden Fullmer.

    ps; i love youu.

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