My Animals

I have always loved Animals and I will go out of my way to help them. They make me so happy. We have much to learn from them, they live day by day not worrying about the past or the future, they truly live in the present moment in time, and to me that’s beautiful.

These are my Beautiful Homing Pigeons.

My 3 Italian Greyhounds

Arabiian is Epileptic

My Yellow Shoulder Amazon name Chant





WISH my Bolivian Blue & Gold Macaw & his story

15 thoughts on “My Animals

    • thank you for the comments, i got my italian greyhounds about 7 years ago. but the 2 boys are only 3. 😉

      Paris Lo

  1. i love the way u take good care of your animal. i get 2 pigeon male an female but they die, i want to have many pigeon like u tell how to start thank from Nigeria African

    • thank you. 😉 well first of all, you have to make time for your animals, they are like children they don’t know how to take care of themselves. make sure you always have clean water for them, you can either leave food out for them all the time, or feed them twice a day. good luck ok.

  2. Yes i have a great facebook page with all my racers, i just got back from the big races @ the Flamingo and the GHC Races in SpringHill, send me a friend request, have a great day
    my facebook is under Glen Comeau, i have 2 sites and lost the password to one so ile look to see your friend request -Glen

  3. paris lo i am a big fan of you because of your great love of pigeons can i ask you how to tame a very scared pigeon when i feed my pigeons in the mornning they will fly in our roof and they will only eat when i am gone i want them not to be scared at me pls answer

      • The way to tame a scared bird you will ned to have the bird Very Hungry and do not leave any food out when you leave the loft. Only feed the scared bird when you are next to the feed you put on the floor. eventually it will be hungry enough to finally come near you and eat because it is hungry. also Move very slowly in the loft and use a certain whistle or a call each time you feed so they know that noise means its feeding time.i use a clickr and when i click it they eat out of my hand. it takes patience but your bird will be tame as soon as it realzes your not a threat. at first you will need to pretty much starve the bird and if it wont eat next to you it will by the next feeding time because its so hungry. once it becomes un afraid you wont need to starve it ever again but you will need to at first to tame it. Talk very quietly and move slow and be patient. the bird will become tame as a kitten doing this. the reason it flys to the roof at feeding time is because you leave the food out for him and walk away so you need to break him of that habit . never leave feed and walk away he will never ever become tame. as with any animal this is what will work and he will be eating out of your hand in no time.

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