9 thoughts on “My Photography

  1. LMAo the 2nd pic was cool and funny. ohh i see u have some of ur paintings in here! Again, love the abstract ones and wow… gorgeous landscapes. i can’t believe ur a photographer too!! very talented, Paris.
    omg beautiful… how’d you get the underwater pics??

  2. Ey Paris Lo.I love the photography.It’s very BEAUTiFUL.You are such a good photographer and artiest.LOVE thee ART WORK!hehe.^^

  3. hey Paris… just so you know, your page took up about about two hours of my beautiful life…. no worries though, it was so worth it. =) you are an extremely gifted person. Every one is blessed with their own talents, but you have a way of unleashing all of your talents at once. you are quite an admirable person. keep it up take care and much love 😉

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  5. Hey Paris u dnt knw me but i knw Murray Phillips….. HE IS MY UNCLE!!! Im sure he is talked about me. but i think ur AMAZING!!!

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