Paris Lo & VIP

Veronic Dicaire (Female Voice Impersonator-Actress-Comedian)

Leslie Jordan (Actor – Sordid Lives – Will & Grace….)

Siegfried (Magician)

Paris Lo & Siegfried

Paris Lo & Siegfried

Mondo Guerra (Fashion Designer – Project Runway Season 8)

Kathy Griffin (My Life on the D-List Comedian)
Paris Lo & Kathy Griffin

Bette Midler (Fabulous Singer Entertainer Comedian)
Paris Lo with friends & Bette Midler

Sharon Needles (Winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4)

Shannel (RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 1)

Hilly & Hannah Hindi (Internet celebrities, comedy sisters)

Bill Rancic (Original Apprentice Winner – Entrepreneur)

Human Nature (Australian Vocal Group)
Paris Lo & Human Nature

Rick Thomas (Magician)
Paris Lo & Rick Thomas

Louie Anderson (Comedian)

Jan Rouven (Illusionist – Magician)

Ai & Yuki (Zen Magic – Magicians)

The Long Twins (Contortionists Acrobat Jugglers)

David Saxe (Producer-20 years of Las Vegas Productions)

Monti Rock III (Local Celebrity Entertainment Columnist)
Paris Lo & Monti Rock III

Larry G. Jones (Singer Impressionist comedian emcee)
Paris Lo & Larry G. Jones

Kelly Clinton (Singer Actress Comedian Impressionist)
Paris Lo & Kelly Clinton

Earl Turner (Musician Recording Artist)
Paris Lo & Earl Turner

Frank Marino (Female Impersonator)
Paris Lo & Frank Marino

Joe Jackson (Michael Jackson’s Father)

Janice Dickinson (Super Model)
Paris Lo & Janice Dickinson

Criss Angel (MindFreak Illusionist)

Murray SawChuck (Magician)
Paris Lo & Murray

Sarge (Comedian-Vocalist)
Paris Lo & Sarge

Alexander Great (Illusionist)
Paris Lo & Alexander Great

Lisa Williams (Medium & Clairvoyant)
Paris Lo & Lisa Williams

Rich Natole (Comic Impressionist)
Paris Lo & Rich Natole

Clint Holmes (Singer Entertainer)
Paris Lo & Clint Holmes

Carly Smithson (7th Season Top 10 American Idol)
Paris Lo & Carly Smithson

David Hernandez (7th Season Top 12 American Idol)
Paris Lo & David Hernandez

Mikalah Gordon (4th Season Top 11 American Idol)
Paris Lo & Mikalah Gordon

Jasmine Trias (3rd Season Top 10 American Idol)
Paris Lo & Jasmine Trias

Nikki Mckibbin (1st Season Top 10 American Idol)
Paris Lo & Nikki Mckibbin

Bobby Slayton (Pitt Bull Of Comedy)
Paris Lo & Bobby Slayton

Jason Byrne (Magician)

Andrew Christain (Designer)
Paris Lo & Andrew Christain

Bill Bellamy (Comedian)
Paris Lo & Bill Bellamy

Vanilla Ice AKA Robert Matthew Van Winkle (Rapper Musician)
Paris Lo Brad Barnes & Vanilla Ice

Wayne Newton (Singer Entertainer-Mr Las Vegas)
Paris Lo & Wayne Newton

Alex Wong (So U Think U Can Dance Season 7 2010)

Marion & T-mac (NBA All STAR)
Paris Lo Torrey with Marion T-mac

Marc Savard (Hypnosis)
Paris Lo & Marc Savard

Hammer (Spike & Hammer Las Vegas Comedy Magic Team)
Paris Lo & Hammer

Frenchie Davis (Semi-finalist American Idol Season 2/The Voice Season 1)

Derrick Barry (Britney Spears Impersonator – America’s Got Talent Season 3

Monica Jackson (Fox 5 News Las Vegas)

R3cycled Percussion

Lance Burton (Magician)

Anthony Cools – Comedic Hypnosis in Las Vegas

Hollie Cavanagh – American Idol Season 11 2012 Top 4

Colton Dixon – American Idol Season 11 2012 Top 7

Shannon Magrane – American Idol Season 11 2012 Top 11

Michael Turco (Magician)

Jung Chan Sung AKA Korean Zombie (Ultimate Fighting)

32 thoughts on “Paris Lo & VIP

  1. Hum,
    My mouth dropped!…
    I am very curious about your work because it’s very self expressing and I like it.
    I see that it is something different to the Hmong Community but, yet very interesting.
    You’re great at what you do and I encourage you to keep on doing it.
    I’ll be in Las Vegas this weekend maybe if I am lucky I might be able to see you maybe at one of the casinos….lol…
    But Paris,
    I believe that you’ll soon meet an agent who can help you succeed in what you do!.
    Good Luck!.


    • hey thank you so much for the kind words i really respect that 😉 the world needs more people like you 😉 so you siad that u will be in vegas this week, it’s to bad that i’m not in a show where you can see me perform live. ;( but like you said maybe we will run into each other? or if u just wanna meet up that’s fine to 😉 maybe for a drink or something…. 😉 ttly.

      Paris Lo

  2. damn. i’ve been watchin your videos for quite sum time now and i gotta say your a talented hmong dude. or talented dude in general. seems like you’re having so much fun. keep up the good work bro. wish i could be in your shoes. but yeah just thought i’d drop by and let you know. PEACE!

    • thank you soo much, you are very kind 😉 make sure you keep coming back, because I will be posting new videos 😉

      Remember to always follow your dreams 😉
      Paris Lo

  3. You are very young and you are very talented but I ‘d like to know-who really
    promote you?who is your manager ? talent is only half of success then hard work
    and a good agent/own manager. who is this?

    • well at this point i’m just promoting myself…. there’s a couple of friends who are trying to help me out as well… i’m hoping that my talent will speak out loud enough and i’ll get notice by someone big 😉 i guess you can say that i’m a dreamer, but i’m not the only one 😉

      Paris Lo

  4. Lol, Hahaa, dear you changed a lot. hahaa. by your style x]
    and most of the time you had the same cloths on. nice. :B
    i’d love to take one with you too!

  5. Hi, I’ve watched all your videos on YouTube and I think
    it’s so rude how other Hmong critizes you and
    your singing but I honestly think you’re amazing!
    Hey, you’re one of the first Hmong I’ve seen make
    it this far, they shouldn’t be making any negitve
    remarks unless they’re where you’re at now.
    I wish you the very best and would love to
    see you achieve further! Keep it up Paris Lo!!


    • hey thank you so much for the support it means the world to me. 😉 i do what i do for the love of it, not because i want people’s reaction…. i could careless what people think of me…. thanks again for your kind words have a great day.

      Paris Lo

  6. You are God’s gift! Your family must be so happy and proud of you! Am now a fan and will definitely stay-tune for your upcoming videos on youtube. May you reach all your goals and dreams. Good luck and take care!

    • hey thank you soooo much thank you for the support, don’t forget to follow your dreams also k 😉

      Paris Lo

  7. OMG! its sooo interesting to actually find a hmong person doing things outside of the hmong community for a change. At this rate you’ll be “A list” in no time 😀
    You seem very talented in alot of stuff also, anyways just want to leave a commment.

  8. Hey~ just stumble across your youtube videos while I was watching some Hmong music videos. hehe. I thought your voice was so Good! One of the most talented Hmong guy that I have seen. You can sing, dance, and many more!

    Reading some negative comments on your youtube by not others than our Hmong people, I just want to leave a positive message to you: I am proud of you for doing what you want to do and still remembers who you are and where your from. Wish you the best!

    PS I hope to hear you sing more Hmong song. Hehe. ok Bye Bye =)

  9. Awesome job. I support you for what you are doing. I know you will go far. That’s what you call living your dream. Thanks for being the first.

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