It’s Official I will be performing at the 2013 HMONG MUSIC FESTIVAL! 🙂


Paris Lo

Hilly and Hannah Hindi came to see the show ILLUSIONS @ the Riviera Casino Starring Jan Rouven. They are Amazing! i’m so happy that I got the chance to meet them. 😉

Hilly and Hannah Hindi are internet celebrities, duo comedy sisters. Each parody features satire sketches, character impersonations, song & dance parodies of the big box office films such as Twilight & Harry Potter along with popular TV shows & celebrities such as The Vampire Diaries & Lady Gaga! Their incredible costumes & makeup would impress even the most seasoned Saturday Night Live cast member! With over 51,000,000 views The Hillywood Show® continues to grow! Two sisters creating everything with just one camera! I Hope to work with them someday. 😉

Paris Lo

Life has been good to me and even though I have changed I know that I will always be the same.

Sometimes when you feel something so strong, so passionately, it almost feels like the whole world feels it too.

I don’t know what the future holds for me? but what I do know is that I’m here and that I matter.

Photo’s Taken By Paris Lo