Just Having Fun – Las Vegas 2010

Paris Lo Singing OMG Cover Of Usher

Don’t Trip think out side the box

Paris Lo Playing with Gravity

Paris Lo

Paris Lo Meets Rick Thomas & Tigers Las Vegas 2009

It was a DREAM come true meeting Rick Thomas his show blew me away. He is an amazing Magician but there’s another side to him that I can relate to, he is also very compassionate towards animals, and I’m proud that I have that in common with him. 😉 He takes very good care of his Tigers and other Animals that he owns. If you ever get the chance go see his Show it’s worth it. 😉

Paris Lo

Paris Lo Dancing to Britney Spears Circus Las Vegas 2009

Here I am Dancing to Britney Spears Circus, I started dancing when I was about 10 years old, thanks to my sister 😉 Singing came after, I didn’t start Singing until I was about 15 years old so the Dancing bug will always stay with me because it’s my first love 😉 but now Singing has the best of me and I want to Sing as well as Dance 😉

Paris Lo