This was a Performance rehearsal for HAZE NIGHT CLUB the theme is Masquerade

Paris Lo

Paris Lo & Xavier Callicot

Here is a short clip of us singing it’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday By Boyz 2 Men, I hope you like it. 😉

Paris Lo

Paris Lo Family Celebration 2011 Graduation Party

I always love going back to Crescent City Ca to visit my family they are so much fun and loving. The scenery is Amazing and I always try to take as much in while visiting. The weather is perfect here, I could see myself retire here one day. 😉 Not only was this visit a great Family reunion, it was a great celebration for my older brother Long, my older sister Ge and my two sisters in law See and Zoua. They all graduated this year for different achievements. My relatives and the Hmong community came out to support us it was a great turn out. 😉

Paris Lo