This video captures the beauty & darkness I see in the world.
The risk people take to over come their fears.
The passion & love they feel from deep within.
The spirit that will never die no matter what.
The hunger & drive to make it through another day alive.
The risk people take everyday to make a living.
The simple things that makes a big deal.
The Creatures of the world are watching us everyday they are watching us, Voices we will never understand.
Everything is Everything.
I was here!

Once more into the fray…
into the last good fight i’ll ever know.
live and die on this day…
live and die on this day

Music By: M83 – WAIT

Paris Lo

Life has been good to me and even though I have changed I know that I will always be the same.

Sometimes when you feel something so strong, so passionately, it almost feels like the whole world feels it too.

I don’t know what the future holds for me? but what I do know is that I’m here and that I matter.

Photo’s Taken By Paris Lo