MySpace AMERICAN IDOL Auditions 2010

I believe that the best thing someone could ever give to someone else is an OPPORTUNITY, and I want that Opportunity to show America that I have what it takes to be an American Idol. 😉

MySpace held online American Idol Auditions and here is my submission for it. 😉

I love singing more then anything even more so then dancing, even though I was dancing way before I started singing, Music has and always will be a huge part of my life. But I will never stop dancing, or being creative it’s not a style for me, it’s my life.

Paris Lo

Paris Lo Singing YOU LOST ME Las Vegas 2010 Music

I’m a huge fan of Christina Aguilera and could not wait to get her new album bionic when it came out. She is back with a new look but even better a new sound. After having her son Max she went for a futuristic sound. (You Lost Me) is the heart of the album, it has so much emotion and soul, i just had to do a cover of it. 😉

Paris Lo

Paris Lo Meets Rick Thomas & Tigers Las Vegas 2009

It was a DREAM come true meeting Rick Thomas his show blew me away. He is an amazing Magician but there’s another side to him that I can relate to, he is also very compassionate towards animals, and I’m proud that I have that in common with him. 😉 He takes very good care of his Tigers and other Animals that he owns. If you ever get the chance go see his Show it’s worth it. 😉

Paris Lo

Paris Lo Singing I Miss You (Original Song)

Hello So I am very happy to let you know that this is Original work 😉 I wrote this song and it means the world to me, it’s my baby 😉 the emotions are real and so that made it easier for me to write it because it’s honest. it doesn’t matter if i wrote 100 songs in the future, this one will always have a soft spot in my heart. I hope you enjoy it.

Paris Lo