My Voice

Paris Lo Performs at Hmong Music Festival 2013

Paris Lo Sings National Anthem for FOX 5 NEWS

Paris Lo Sings Boyfriend By Justin Bieber

Paris Lo Sings Before He Cheats By Carrie Underwood

Paris Lo Sings Hero By Mariah Carey

Paris Lo Sings about Loop Diuretics at nursing school

Paris Lo Sings I Told You So By Carrie Underwood

Paris Lo Sings Fallin By Alicia Keys

Paris Lo Sings I Can’t Make You Love Me By Bonnie Raitt

Paris Lo Sings Just To Be Your Man By Josh Turner

Paris Lo & Xavier Callicot It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye By Boyz 2 Men

Paris Lo Sings Break Even By The Script

Paris Lo Sings A Song For You By The Temptations

Paris Lo Sings I Miss You – LIVE (Original Song) Written By Paris Lo

Paris Lo Sings I Miss You – Music Video (Original Song) Written By Paris Lo

Paris Lo Sings NEVER BE ME (Original Song) Written By Paris Lo

Paris Lo Sings GONE Music Video By Nsync

Paris Lo Sings Apologize Music Video By Timberland

Paris Lo Sings Apologize Video Demo By Timberland

Paris Lo Sings Wasted Music Video By Carrie Underwood

Paris Lo Sings Wasted Video Demo By Carrie Underwood

Paris Lo Sings Angels By Robbie Williams

Paris Lo in Unraveled Aids Benefit show (Gone)

Paris Lo Sings Nice and Slow By Usher

Paris Lo Sings You Lost Me By Christina Aguilera

Paris Lo Sings Nobody By Keith Sweat

Paris Lo Sings White Liar by Miranda Lambert

Paris Lo Sings Let Me Love You By Mario

Paris Lo Sings while Clint Holmes Watched (Gone)

Paris Lo Sings Run to you By Whitney Houston

Paris Lo Sings in Hmong Original Song

Paris Lo Sings At Planet Hollywood (Entertainment of the year – Gone)

Paris Lo Sings Home By Michael Buble

Paris Lo Sings StickWitU By Pussy Cat Dolls

Paris Lo Sings Gone By Nsync (I Apologize it’s so blurry)

26 thoughts on “My Voice

    • awsome i’m glad you like it šŸ˜‰ i want to do more Hmong songs, actually i wrote a homg song not sure if you heard it? you can hear it on my website šŸ˜‰ thanks for the comment šŸ˜‰

      Paris Lo

  1. Hayyy… luv ur vioce, keep up the work… thanks for representing….. love ur tt… cauz i have one 2. Don’t ever stop when ur not done dreamin!!! xoxoxoxox lill mn hmong hottie…

  2. lol omgeee i like “wasted” tons, it sounds so wonderful with your voices mixed together. ur vocals are so strong!
    ohh my jesus… I LOVE “ANGEL”. it’s such a beautiful song and i honestly haven’nt heard it til Jessica SImpson sang it. this song could be beautful no matter who sings it. “I’m loving Angels instead…” love that part.
    “Let Me Love You” hearig you sing a capella makes everything sounds so much more soulful!! lol and i really love that song too
    Whiteney Houston songs.. OMG who doesn’t love her? she has such big vocals and you totally have them too! lol. it’s so kl that you take big chances and sing big songs liker hers.

    • hey thank you so much wow you left so many comments lol šŸ˜‰ that means alot to me, i try to do everything that gets my attention… art is so much more then what we hear or see or feel, it’s magic……. it’s honest and long after we are gone, art will live forever….. thank you again for the comment remember to always follow your dreams šŸ˜‰

      Paris Lo

  3. Hey Paris…I really like your dancing and singing…you are very good and keep it up….you give me alot of inspiration and hope….you have so much talent and I wish the best for you….Keep it alive for the one like us.

  4. I love the ” I miss you” song very much….it’s so original….you have the sweetest voice i’ve ever heard.

  5. Paris Lo!

    Just happen to tumble across one of your videos on and decided to check out your website and I am IMPRESS. You are just so awesome. It’ll be so awesome to just kick it with you and be your friend šŸ˜€ Keep up the good work and make peb cob hmoob proud! My husband does graphic designing so hit us up and check us out.

  6. I had to visit your page and see it for myself – And it’s amazing just like you…I hope you have a wounderful night and stay blessed.

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